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Related article: Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 21:53:18 +1000 From: Rob Newell Subject: AFL men part 2!!!!!!!!Warning!!!!!!I don't have any idea of these two players are gay, so don't go believing that they are. Its all made up fiction and I have no idea myself about their sexuality, so there!Just a quick thanks to all those who have inspired me with these stories- you know who you are. Also thanks for patience in between instalments. The next story will come shortly- I would tell you who but I have heaps that I am working on and haven't decided yet.Read on... It was January 2005 and Anthony Rocca was walking along Williamstown beach, incognito, at 7:00 at night. He often walked along the beach when he was stressed and Williamstown offered both anonymity and a tranquil environment to think.He often spent a lot of time thinking about his life and tonight was no exception; with him thinking about life after footy and the endless possibilities- he could retire and do absolutely jack shit or continue working in another profession- regardless of which he wasn't going to stay in the footy area when he retired. The sadness of the world; especially the recent tsunami, made him think about his own destiny; he was into spiritual awareness and the only other person to know this about him was Matty Primus; not one of his Collingwood teammates knew this- and they were a tight bunch of people.Noticing that it was almost 8:15, he went back to his car, hopped in and drove back to his house on the other side of the town."Where could he be?" Matthew Primus thought, pacing around the house. He was a guest of Anthony's on a regular occasion and he knew about the walks that he took. But it was 8:45 and he still wasn't back- Matty knew something was up as Anthony was never this late.Ten minutes later; after having a quick swim in the pool in the back yard, and drying off and staying in his Speedos, Matty heard a car door slam shut before he saw the door to the house opening."Hey Anthony you ok?" Matty asked Anthony, seeing the somewhat upset look on Anthony's face."I'm ok" Anthony said, taking off his jacket and sitting on the couch. "I've just been doing some serious thinking, that's all.""Do you want to talk about it or not?" Matty asked, concerned. How serious could his thinking have been to have taken all that time?"Just about life after footy. I mean, I realised how precious life is; I mean just look at all those who perished because of a freak event. It's just so fucking miserable to see all those people just gone." Anthony murmured the last part, tears starting to go down his checks."Oh Anthony" Matty said softly, knowing what Anthony said. He moved next to Anthony and start rubbing his back, upset at seeing his friend upset.This process; of a friend comforting another friend, had a somewhat romantic attachment to it and indeed it was romantic- they were both in a semi-relationship with each other. Whenever they could, they got together to fuck each other but they knew that because they lived in different states, it was not going be exclusive but they didn't care.After a while, Anthony had calmed down a bit and managed to see that Mathew was only in his Speedos. He also noticed the cock was bulging obscenely out of the green Speedos.Looking up to see the passion in Matty's eyes, he leaned over and started to kiss him, both slowly kissing each other on the lips, before getting into it and they both soon found themselves passionately kissing each other, with Matty taking off Anthony's jumper and shirt.Moving slowly down his body, Matthew licked all around Anthony's nipples teasing them softly with his tongue before going back to the chest hair and going further. He then pulled of Anthony's pants to reveal a pair of red boxer-briefs."Mmmm, Preteen Boys got a present for me have you?" Matthew asked seductively, going over the hard cock lightly with his fingers.Anthony moaned in response, for Matthew then pulled his underwear off and started licking the tip of his massive cut cock- for it was a big 10".As Matthew continued to go further down his Preteen Boys cock, inch by inch, he inserted a finger into Anthony's hot bum and after a while he inserted another two more, which caused Anthony to moan loudly and to start riding his fingers."Want the real thing?" Matty asked huskily, to which Anthony could only respond with a loud "MMMMMMMM"With this permission, Matty slowly and seductively lowered his green Speedos to reveal a cut 8" beauty, which Anthony could only stare at the beauty. No matter how often he saw it, to him it was the best cock around.Moving up to Anthony ass, with his cock at the entrance, Matthew suddenly plunged his cock into Anthony, eliciting a loud cry of "YES!!!!" from Anthony, which he silenced by a deep, passionate tongue duel.Kissing passionately, tongues against tongues, Matthew pulled his cock back out, leaving only the head in, before slamming it back in again, causing Anthony to moan loud again, by the fantastic sensations that Matty was making him feel.Matthew slowly starts to fuck faster, increasing his speed bit by bit until he is rapidly sending his hard cock in and out of Anthony's love hole, while wanking his cock and screaming out with the pleasure of the warmness."Fuck you are so hot!" Matthew screams fucking faster and faster, his cock ready to explode with cum any minute.Then, all of a sudden, Anthony pulls Matthew into him and they passionately French kiss each other, this is the last straw and Matty starts shooting into Anthony's love hole."FUCK I'M CUMMING!!!!!AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Matty screams as he shoots 6, 7, 8 hot loads of creamy Primus cum into Anthony.He pulls out of Anthony and learns against him gently and they kiss each other for the next 5 minutes, although to them it doesn't seem like it.Seeing that Anthony was still hard, Matty went and licked around his nipples again, knowing that they were his most erotic spot on his body (apart from his cock and arse of course!) before sitting down on Anthony's 10" cut."God, you're still tight as!" Anthony moans as he rams his cock in and out of Primus, just taking his time, but then Primus takes over and jumps up and down on his cock.All of this is too much for Anthony- the hot blow job then fuck he got- and he shoots 10 massive loads into Matty.Primus collapses onto Anthony and they both trace their fingers lightly over the other's body."Love you Anthony" Matty murmured softly."Love you too Matt" Anthony replied and they kissed one final time.
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